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Mojave Trail Adventurers,


Here is the itinerary for the Mojave Trail Trip:


Saturday 5/28:

  • 7:00am: Meet at Steve's House

    • ​If at all possible, top off fuel and get ice before getting to Steve's. There is a Chevron right before we get on the freeway, but we will not stop unless we need to.

  • 7:30am: Depart Steve's House and head north on the 15 Frwy

  • 9:00am (Approx): Stop at Chevron on Lenwood to top off fuel and eats if necessary (34.85146, -117.08439)

  • 10:00am (Approx): Arrive at Shell Station on Rasor Rd (35.13269, -116.20913)

    • We will fill up here.

  • 10:30am: Hit the dirt and head East

  • We will hit the following Points-of-Interest:

    • Trail Start (35.11358, -116.12936)

    • Traveler's Monument (35.13084, -116.09527)

    • The Lava Tubes (35.21396, -115.75306)

    • The Mailbox (35.18533, -115.69283)

    • Marle Springs (35.16916, -115.648)

    • Government Holes (35.14716, -115.35916)

  • We will then stop to camp at one of the following sites

    • Mid Hills Camp Ground A (35.13735, -115.41064)

    • Mid Hills Camp ground B (35.13173, -115.43562)

    • Pleasant View (35.15361, -115.33694)

    • Rock Springs (35.153, -115.32749)


Sunday 5/29:

  • Wake-up and break down camp

  • We will hit the following Points-of-Interest:

    • Rock Springs (35.153, -115.32749)

    • Old Cabin (35.14152, -115.2571)

    • There is a closure on the trail at 35.10228, -115.04942. We will need to make our way south and around the closure and get back on the Mojave Trail at 35.0911, -114.95623

    • Fort Poite (35.11466, -114.98416)

    • Old Ranch (35.11454, -114.81678)

    • Trail End (35.0518, -114.6764)

  • We will stop at the trail End and air-up the tires and prep for the trip to the casino. We can stop for gas on the way to the Aquarius

  • Travel from Trail End to the Aquarius Casino

    • Gas Station

      • 2010 S Casino Dr, Laughlin, NV 89029

    • Aquarius Casino

      • 1900 S Casino Dr, Laughlin, NV 89029


Mileage and Fuel

  • The total trip from Shell in Barstow to Chevron in Laughlin is APPROXIMATELY 128 mi

  • I expect my Grand Cherokee to get about 8-10 mpg on this trip with a 17 gal tank (about 136-170 miles total capacity). If you think you will not be able to make the entire trip on one tank, please plan on bringing extra fuel.

  • Keep in mind that whatever MPG you get on the road will be significantly reduced on the trail.



  • A few of the sites we are going to try and camp at are actually managed by the National Park Service. The website syas there is a $12 fee for camping, but I think it is on the honr system (where you deposit you rmoney in the box). Plan on bringing some cash just in case.

  • If we find a better place to camp at the mid way point, we will sleep there.

  • I think some people are planning on sleeping in their vehicles. If not, you should bring a tent.

  • It will likely get cold there at night, be prepared.

  • The last time we did this trip, we drove up in to the mountains to camp. It was quite a bit out of the way, used up a lot of gas, and wasn't the easiest trail to do. I think we should avoid that side trip this time if we can.


Trail Scars

  • While we wont go looking for damage, you have to remember who you are traveling with. Somehow, damage finds us.

  • There is a chance that you might get some tree hugs, trail rash, orlove taps while on the trail.

  • If anything bad happens, Matt's dad owns an auto body shop.


Here is the list of People and Vehicles that I am aware of so far:


2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ (Codename: Chaser 1)

  • Driver: Cody

  • Passenger: Casey


1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ (Codename: The Bank Breaker)

  • Driver: Steve

  • Passenger: Kasper

  • Passenger: Pete


1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ (Codename: The Great White Nope)

  • Driver: Ken

  • Passenger: Shaun

  • Passenger: Matt


2014 Jeep Wrangler JKU (Codename: Real JKU of the OC)

  • Driver: Chris


90-something Jeep Wrangler TJ (Codename: The Stroker)

  • Driver: Donnie

  • Passenger: Robin


2015 Toyota Tacoma (Codename: Joey's Dirty Taco)

  • Driver: Joe


2016 Jeep Renegade (Codename: My Sister's Jeep)

  • Driver: Matt


2006 Wrangler TJ (Codename: Frank's Friends Jeep)

  • Driver: Wanda

  • Birch: Frank


2016 Toyota Tacoma (Codename: Big White Johnson)

  • Driver: Jeff

Mojave Road 2016 (Barstow, CA to Laughlin, NV)