EP 146: snail trail 4x4

Jimmy and Tyler from @snailtrail4x4 join us to talk about how they have built a following on YouTube and with their podcast by just being two genuine and funny guys trying to figure out to wrench on their rigs and get out on the trail. If you are not following them already, go to and check them out.

Nexen Tire, Icon Vehicle Dynamics, Icon Alloys, Team EVGA

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The Roadian MTX features an aggressive design that is extremely versatile for on- and off-road driving. Each tire boasts a dual sidewall design that allows you to customize the look of the tire on your vehicle. The Roadian MTX also features a standard 3-Ply design and F-Load weight rating that makes it extremely capable for heavy hauling. With such rugged traits you wouldn’t expect the Roadian MTX to be as quiet as it is on the highway, but thanks to its patented tread block design the road noise has been minimized.

ICON Vehicle Dynamics is a premiere performance suspension manufacturer specializing in aftermarket suspension components for trucks, SUV’s and off road suspension development. The company’s business is customer-driven, technology-influenced, engineering-oriented and focuses on world-class manufacturing processes and techniques. Led by head engineer and SCORE champion driver Dylan Evans, ICON Vehicle Dynamics has the unique qualities to design and build the highest quality suspension components and test them in both real world applications as well as race conditions.


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