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We are always looking for organizations that share our passion for the OFFROADERLANDERTM lifestyle and we
want to help them tell their story. We can work with any company to identify creative ways to use our reach in
the community to grow the exposure for their brand. We can do this through one of our pre-defined
collaboration efforts or through a fully customized solution that we develop with our partners.

presenting partners
We carry up to two (2) Presenting Partners at a given time. The show is "Presented by" these partners for the
duration of a one-year contract. Presenting Partners provide any combination of product support, financial
support, and/or access to industry events. Each contract is tailored to the needs of the Partner as they relate to
the service we can provide. The Presenting Partners are announced at the beginning and end of each show, are
featured heavily in our normal conversation each week, appear prominently on our social media platforms, and
are part of the show branding on logos, vehicle, and apparel.

supporting sponsors
We carry up to two (2) Supporting Sponsors at a given time. Episodes will be "Sponsored By" these partners for
the duration of an agreed-upon duration. Supporting Sponsors provide any combination of product support,
financial support, and/or access to industry events. Each contract is tailored to the needs of the Partner as they
relate to the service we can provide. The Supporting Sponsor are announced in the middle of each show and
featured heavily in our normal conversation each week.

product providers
We can provide support for those organizations that are looking to get feedback on their products and/or
exposure to the community. After supplying us with a product to use/install, we will provide social media
exposure, discuss the product on the show, and/or feature the organization on an episode.
Please note that we will be very honest about our feedback, which is why we have some written and/or verbal
conversation with the organization prior to airing a full review. If the organization does not approve of our
review, we simply won’t air it. It is imperative to us that we maintain our integrity and provide honest feedback
to our listeners in order to maintain their trust.

product launch
The success of new products requires the consumer to know the product exists. We can help with that. With a
broad reach in the community, we can help highlight your product. Whether it be live event coverage or
coordinating a full product launch event, we can span multiple social media platforms, YouTube, and the
podcast to reach the broadest audience possible.

emcee / event host
We have the equipment and experience to act as Emcee's or Event Hosts at any type of community gathering.
We have been the emcee's of small, parking lot meet-n-greets and we have done it at giant, two-day, arena
events. We can be as involved as helping to coordinate vendors, assisting with logistics, and collaborating with
you to create a complete agenda for the show. Or, we can just show-up and provide the sound for the event. In
either case, we promote the event on the show, to drive attendance up, as part of the package.

event coverage
As part of our efforts to engage with the community, we are always looking for events to attend and/or
promote. Even if we can not physically be at an event, we can help get the word out to the community. If you
have an event coming up, we can help spread the word.

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We are The Trailchasers Podcast, a weekly audio production show that highlights people, products, and services in the offroad and overland communities. We want to inspire you to go outdoors and chase your adventure. If you have a story to tell, we want to hear it.