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What you hear on the show from the guys is truly who they are. We don't make any of it up, we don't script it, and we definitely don't plan any of it out. We believe that delivering sincerity, honesty, and integrity will make it easier for you to connect with, and relate to us. We hope you enjoy it the show and we look forward to connecting with you on our next adventure.


Cody Sisson - Producer and Host

Cody Sisson - Producer/host
Cody has been involved in offroading for the last 30 years. Since 1992, he has owned six different Jeeps, two Tacoma's, and now, a 2019 Ford Ranger. He found his entrepreneurial passion after owning and operating a mobile motorcycle service company for 3 years. Now, he acts as the "co-host hearder" on the show, trying to keep the other guys on track using spreadsheets and flowcharts.

Matt Dieterle - Co-Host

matt dieterle - co-host
A long time dirt-bike-rider and outdoor enthusiast, Matt only recently took to the four-wheeled adventure seeking. Once he did, he approached it like he does everything else in life; Full throttle and with complete disregard for his own personal safety. His no-holds-barred, blue collar comedy drives many of the conversations on the show, even if those conversations are completely off-topic.

Jose Alvarado - Co-Host

jose alvarado - co-host

After researching the offroad life on YouTube, Jose jumped in feet first and has not looked back.  Originally a listener to the show, Jose started participating in the Trailchasers events and eventually he found himself behind the mic full time. Jose is like an encyclopedia of random offroad and conspiracy theory knowledge, mostly gained from YouTube. He uses his vast library of random facts and quick wit to poke fun at his co-hosts, which honestly, isn't hard to do.

Casey Sisson - Co-Host

CASEY SISSON - co-host

Casey was exposed to the offroad world early on by participating in adventures with his older brother. When he got older, he took to the lifestyle at full speed. Not only is it his hobby, it is his livelihood. As a full time fabricator and mechanic, he gets to be elbow deep in helping people live out their offroad dreams. He has an imaginitive approach to building things and is never afraid to cut up a vehicle...expecially if it's not his.


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