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Thank you for your interest in coming on the show.

We use Google Meet to record our interviews (link above). You can use your mobile phone or computer to do the interview. The software will open in a web browser, or, if you would like, you can install the app on your mobile phone:


Regardless if you use a computer or your mobile device, please see the following tips to help facilitate the call:

  • Use an external microphone if possible. Usually, external mics (even earbuds) will provide better sound quality than the mic in the device and we want your story to come through clear.

  • Find a quiet space for the call. We know things happen and a dog bark or a baby crying can be edited, but if there is a leaf blower outside your window the entire time, it will impact the sound quality of your interview.

  • The Google Meet app allows us to do a video call. Although it is not required, we like the ability to interact with our guests on video to enhance the conversation.

  • Plan on 45 minutes to an hour for the conversation. However, we want to get your story out, no matter how long it takes.

  • We have been live streaming the interview/recording on Monday nights to our YouTube audience. The audio is released on Thursdays as the podcast. If you would prefer to not stream live during your recording, please let me know.


The goal of our show is to get your story out in the world so that people can connect with you in a more intimate way. If you have any special information you would like us to review prior to the call, please send it to us. In addition, if you have a company/brand logo that we can use to promote your episode, send that to us too. Please send any of this info to 

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us and we are excited to hear your story.


Thank you,




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